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Seimi's Endless Confusion..

I've been interested in Japan since about 3rd grade,and I've been sewing since i was about 6 or 7 [though not to well then ahaha ive also never taken a class, mostly just taught myself xD].
Most of my lolita wardrobe consists of offbrand or handmade and i don't have a digicamera [YET!]
so i can't really post anything yet but can't wait till i can~
I'm pretty void of common sense
[for example if im at a friends house and they offer me a drink i woudn't know if i should keep it after its empty or get up to put it in their sink?!?]
so if your ok with my confusion and stupidity add me!

I'm 13 so on the younger side of the egl communitys and stuff but i enjoy lolita so much that i don't think ill ever completly stop!
I used to often dress in Decora [w/o knowing the term]
and so i still occasionally do =P
i love <3 everyone and don't get mad easily~
I'm pretty shy around people i dun know too well but im **extreemly** insane around my besties hahaha
i guess ill stop rambling here, thats what the actual journals for no?
haha baii~
feel free to add!