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12th-Oct-2020 06:12 pm - &&!!New Account
Mkay you guys xD
So I..really hate my username and im pretty sure to change it you have to pay [?]
so i went ahead and made a new account. :3
its serepuff  which is well, my username on everything else anyways xD

So go thereee ~ add me :D
and shizz :3

oh oh but I'll still be on this account every once in a while ^3^
8th-Sep-2020 03:22 pm - Friends Only~
Ello && thanks for visiting ^-^
My journal is basically friends only from now on =P
So if you want to be my friend [i love new friends, btw :3]
please leave a comment here and add me!
Much <3Laffi Love<3 to you~
9th-Jul-2009 11:45 am(no subject)
a paralist? me?
hell yea =D
ive been so obsessed with para para lately, i wish i could find a machine somewhere xD
I think thell have one at AWA since a para para panel was mentioned, and i think?? they had one last year.
Wanna learn theseee:
Videoosss~Collapse )holy meatballs
i forgot about AWA
i havn't even STARTED
hatsune miku, or haruhi&yuki..
[i wouldn't do haruhi, but my friend asked if i could make her costume, an so i was like "meh, why not?"
i havn't even gone fabric shopping yet.
i need to..
go and buy..
and oh yeasss
I'm going to disney on friday! =D
hope i'm not still sick then..
oh yeaaa i caought a mini summer cold D=
oh yea about Disney~
I've got some cousins in Orlando
I saw them already, [when we were driving down to miami]
but apperently there getting tickets so
yea =D
i think its gunna be universal though @~@
im really not sure..
either way I'm glad ill be able to talk to someone closer in age than 34 ;-;
[all of my relatives speak spanish...
some only spanish..
i should learn,
but i reallllyyy don't wanna =3=]
glad I'll see her again
even if she one of THOSE
a twilight fan D=<
she has a trampoline
err err err
what else can i talk aboutt?
my grandma yells at us for not properly folding a towel,
the couch is really uncomfortable
I **think**
I'll be home by the 21st =D
then i can go to the meetup!
i have NO IDEA what im gunna wear though =>
i wish i could steal my grandmas sheets..
there so pretty!
theres this one pair that would make a BEAUTIFUL JSK!
its white with **little** pinkish flowers all over it
i was like
"abuela, i want to wear--i mean use these ones =D.."
my fingers gunna blister ;-;
&&lovelove xD

25th-Jun-2009 08:12 pm - O-O
Holy cheese!!
Michael Jackson is dead.
I'm more shocked than sad...
i always thought he was invincible.
Like a cockroach.
25th-Jun-2009 05:13 pm - That silly word D=
So, One of my Grandmas friends is a teacher =P
when we met her, she gave us a biiggg list of awesome things to do during summer while were in Florida
lotsa lotsa fun stuff~
[Disney Parks, Snorkeling, Seaquarium, Morikami, Ft. Lauderdale, etc.]
While she fed us this list of kick-butt stuffles,and i jotted them all down, she mentioned Kayaking, which i had NO FLIPPIN IDEA how to spell.
I always thought it was Kyaking [but it looked wrong so i knew i had spelled it wrong]
so because i didn't know how to spell kayaking, i got myself a sumer of spelling homework which is hardly fair because
who the heck can spell kayaking?!?!
i mean, my mom doesn't know, my brothers don't know, I'm sure its because no one in GA **needs** to know how to spell it. but still...
i had to google it to find out the spelling!
everyone told me to spell it "K-Y-A-K..."
Its so not fair that I'm the only one who has to wok on spelling, when my spelling is pretty neutral anyways xDDD
22nd-Jun-2009 11:40 pm - Natsu Yasumi~
well on Friday my **real** vacation began!
It's Summer Time Summer Time Sum-Sum-Summer Time SUMMER TIME!!!~Collapse )
12th-Jun-2009 10:42 pm - &&Pool!!!
Okie doke!
so I've been pretty bored all day ahahaha
I need to get a life
[not that thats possible when i'm at least 2 years away from being able to go anywhereee]


The pool's water and chemicals and stuff was actually put in yesterday!!!
but it was raining ;-;
so today was the pig
day x3

Picture of pool belowwww~~Collapse )

its great!
I've been swimming twice today~
though the waters really coollllddd [like colder than a public pool]
its a lot cleaner and i don't have to worry about getting someone else's band-aid stuck to me [...its happened before -shiver-]


It's 1:04 am and I'm completely and utterly bored.<3
How do i fix this stupid boringness?
Posteth all the piccys I took of myself today while i was equally bored xD
Lucky for me i got hold of a picture taking device today! [thats unussual! i really need a digi camra so i can deco it up!! >v<]

Looketh Here for mai Piccehs!Collapse )

5th-Jun-2009 09:12 pm(no subject)

I've been obsessed with it before but then it died out.
today i spent 9-10 hours on youtube watching
all the Supercell feat. Hatsune Miku PV's
a few Rin&Len songs,a few Miku&Rin songs
one or two Kaito and Meiko songs
the whole Servant of evil, daughter of evil, message of regret, re_birthday, etc.

all that stuff. o-o
I've re-watched them a few times too
is that bad?
Well, anyways I've got two of the Supercell PV's and a cute Kagamine Len version of World is Mine to share [with anyone who wants to watch them here..]

videos here~ <3Collapse )
3rd-Jun-2009 03:29 pm - Updates a-plenty~
Wow! its been so long since i last posted here..

well in short, the past month has gone like this:

&&good funness indeed <3Collapse )
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